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Advice for sisters and wives

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"Sisters.. do not look for a husband in order to finally feel beautiful, lovable, and worthy. He cannot fill that void for you. He can enjoy your beauty, share your love, and honor your worth, but he cannot hand it over to you. When you decide you are all three of these things, you become quality, because then, he will have access to your heart, and then, and only then, you do enjoy the marriage you always dreamed of.


If you have been trying SO HARD to find a spouse, and nothing is working out - take a moment to ask yourself: Am I ready to BE an outstanding spouse? If you are so focused on what you WANT without knowing what you have to GIVE there may be a good reason why you aren't married yet. Maturity in this area has nothing to do with your age, rather your mindset and character.


#1 - Interesting "shocker" - "people who are super compatible were in the same room as those who thought they weren't compatible, and both had struggling marriages. Compatibility is the new "buzz" word, but not necessarily key."


When we marry someone, we are taking an oath to support our spouse in what they need, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and physically. They may not have the same needs as you, but knowing this will make them happy, you will sacrifice and work hard to meet their needs anyhow.


 No matter who you marry, you're going to have some downs. As much as you might not want to hear it, the truth should bring relief. Choose a good spouse, let go of perfection and worry of a perfectly happily ever after, and know that your marriage is meant to challenge you to grow, improve, dig deep, and become an even better stronger Muslim. Its half your Deen for a reason!


Sisters.. remember to highlight the OTHER areas of your feminine side that matter to a future husband in addition to your career. He doesn't need a co-worker, he wants a wife! Lots of great sisters are getting turned down because they do not know how to also highlight their gifts that would make them a lovely wife. Think about what builds a loving, romantic marriage, and then think "Do I portray any of that?"


Brothers: If you are thinking that to be satisfied in your intimate life you need a super "hot" woman because this is what the "fitnah industry" teaches you than take comfort in knowing that it's not true. True physical satisfaction will come from an emotional connection that far outweighs physical idealism. You will desire her MORE than any "hot" woman on the street once you understand the design of real intimacy."




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